The fate of heroes

Neha looked thoughtfully at the long blazing line of the naked sword swinging across the room towards her, Sisnera’s hand still stretched out behind it. She lifted her head, staring into the cold eyes of the other woman. The only thing colder was her own fast–approaching death.

No! screamed some visceral part of her, the part that would always want to survive. No. Dodge. Find another way. Live!

There is no other way.

She stared down at her chest, in which the long grinning hilt of the sword had buried itself. Her knees slowly buckled, her vision tunnelling as she dropped clumsily to the floor. That was that.

She could feel the pain throbbing through her body, the searing pain that left a white–hot blaze of fire in her body, across her mind.

Neha closed her eyes.

There was a long moment, an infinite pause.

That’s done, then.

She floated towards the light.

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  1. Merine says:

    Publish the next one already, Pan! :)

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