Readers Write

Read the book? I’d love to know what you thought!

Just leave your comments below. Thanks… :)

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  1. T.S. Ramakrishnan says:

    we are just waiting for the book to hit the coimbatore stalls so that we can enjoy reading a good novel after a long time.

    congratulations priya,on the release of your first book .

    our blessings.

    gouri & ramakrishnan

  2. Padma Alistair says:

    This is a brilliant first book. It’s a fantastic read and keeps you glued. Lots of fun for fantasy lovers. Keep going, Priya. We’re all proud of you:)

  3. D says:

    Loved the book!

    To quote a friend, “If drivel like the Twilight series could be read, this will be a phenomenal success”.

    Congrats Priya! Can’t wait for the next part!

  4. S Kataria says:

    U’re so kewl. Da book’s awesssommme! <3 it a lot. Will read it again n again

  5. aditi n. says:

    hi my name’s aditi natarajan. just wanted to say that ur book is just awesome. truly. how can u even imagine of such things. its a really amazing book and i hope u write many more books in the future.

  6. Akshay says:

    Book is very nice

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