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In the article Dream Debuts, in the January 2011 issue, Verve identified six fresh reads that were worth the mention. Of those, The Rise of the Sword was one.

The article follows:

Kick-start the New Year with these fresh reads – some are informative, some quirky and some are outright hilarious – as debut authors claim their spotlight on the literary stage.

Urban shots: Twenty-nine Urban Tales by 13 writers
Edited by Paritosh Uttam
Grey Oak Publishing

How the Banana Goes to Heaven
Ratna Rajaiah
Westland Ltd.

On Top of the World: My Everest Adventure
Arjun Vajpai
Penguin India

Prophecy: The Rise of The Sword

Priya K

Leadstart Publishing

Dive into a fascinating blend of fantasy, drama and humour as the protagonist sets off to search for Lemuria, the last land of Atlantis. Inside the island’s flourishing, vibrant life lies politics, power-play, suspense and a prophecy that sucks her right into the heart of it all.

Madhouse: True Stories of the Inmates of Hostel 4, IIT-B
Edited by Urmilla Deshpande and Bakul Desai
Westland Ltd.

Kaleidoscopic Reflections
Sindhu Rajasekaran
Leadstart Publishing

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