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Fun, entertaining and cute!

The story starts with the protagonist Neha Sharma being enrolled into LA (Lunatics Anonymous) by her brother. After all who will believe someone who claims that she is the Chosen One (or Ne’ha) in a place which is underwater and no one knows exists? Neha recounts to a shrink about her adventure in Lemuria along with her boyfriend, Professor Nick.

The sword in question is Ikatta, the sword of Thragone, the God of War. It looks to stir the most peaceful people on Earth to war. The hero, predictably, stops it. Also predictably, there is a twist to the end.

Am not a huge fan of fantasy, but this book is fun and entertaining. It doesn’t blow your mind away, but still is something worth reading. You can see that the book is written by a 19 year old, quite clearly. The way Neha takes to being the Chosen One and her conversation with Xerxes and other Gods is really fun – you can see that she can’t believe it, but then convinces herself it must be true.

The writing is very simple and light. The book probably is aimed at preteens, but others will enjoy it as well, I am sure. The approach the author takes to dealing with creating a whole new world is interesting. She keeps it simple and doesn’t go into too many details (which I personally would have liked).  But she does talk about the culture of Lemurians and explains their (our?) history.

Overall, a book which you can read on the go. Also the legend/story the book is based on (a conversation between Socrates, Critias and others) is given at the end. I’m looking forward to the next book :)


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