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‘Tis the Season!

I’m a day late, but warm Christmas wishes and a wonderful winter holiday to all! I’ve always felt that the best part about this time of year is that the whole world goes on vacation. Everything’s calmer, quieter. There’s comparatively … Continue reading

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Stella Maris College National Seminar on Indian Women’s Writing in English

Hello! Been a while. Ten months, I think? Wow. I’ll try not to let it go that long again, but who knows, right? I won’t make any promises I might break. So! Coming to the point. My alma mater, Stella … Continue reading

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Prophecy: The Dragon’s Blade

I don’t think I’ve mentioned it, but Part 2 of the Prophecy series, The Dragon’s Blade, is now complete and has been sent to the publishers for feedback and approval for publication. The next phase is editing – from my … Continue reading

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Awesome Old Year

2011 has been a good year. I had my last three months of college, including my College Play, graduated, joined work, was long-listed on the Vodafone Crossword Book Awards, was judged one of the best debut novelists of last year, … Continue reading

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Status Update – The Dragon’s Blade

Just a quick note to the effect that I’ve hit 90,000 words of Prophecy: The Dragon’s Blade, out of an anticipated 100,000. I’m really excited by the way it’s turning out The first half of the book is in the … Continue reading

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Friends versus Ideas

A question I often ask myself is, how do you respect someone who actively disagrees with you on topics you hold very dear? Politics and philosophy are two points that are very close to my heart. I have strong, well-defined, … Continue reading

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Inspirational quotes and how stupid they can be

The other day (I think it was yesterday, but the days and nights are starting to blur together – what comes of sleeping at 3am) I read what some spiritual leader sincerely thought was an inspiring, honest, maybe even an … Continue reading

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Why I write fantasy

The first genre any child is introduced to is fantasy, whoever and wherever they are. It could be a story about brave princes and beautiful princesses who justΒ happen to have their own names, or stories of mythological heroes and conquests … Continue reading

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In Emoriam

Warning: This post may not make sense unless you’ve watched A Veiled Affair, Stella Maris College Play 2011. This time last year, I had just got home after our last show ofΒ Winding Up the Charm, Stella Maris College Play ’10. … Continue reading

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A Veiled Affair!

For the past several months, there’s been nothing in my life more important than A Veiled Affair. Today as I sit at my laptop, I have two assignments to write, two seminars to prepare for, a friend to help with … Continue reading

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