‘Tis the Season!

I’m a day late, but warm Christmas wishes and a wonderful winter holiday to all!

I’ve always felt that the best part about this time of year is that the whole world goes on vacation. Everything’s calmer, quieter. There’s comparatively less traffic (no schools), and all kinds of things are on sale. Plus it’s colder – I love the cold.

Malls and restaurants, movie theatres and resorts, are full to bursting with people having a good time with the family. And every single one of these entertainment destinations is celebrating the season in its own way. Mostly with carols blaring from the nearest loudspeaker – usually too near! :P Either that, or big white-bearded men in large red bathrobes, popularly known as Christmas Thathas, roam the halls, which are not – as it happens – decked with bows of holly.

I’m not a Christian. On Christmas Day, I expect no gifts and I feel no particular religious enthusiasm. But I’ve always liked this time of year. Things are just… happier.

A large part of this is the weather, and an even larger part the fact of winter vacations for children and (usually) a lightened workload for adults.

But the most important reason I’m in principle fond of Christmas? It’s a festival which, like Diwali (which sadly does not come with two weeks of holidays for schoolgoers), encourages people to have fun.

Burst crackers / Throw a party. Make sweets / Bake cake. Buy clothes / Give gifts. Light lamps / Decorate homes. Sing songs / Sing carols. Visit friends and family.

So, to sum up?

‘Tis the season to be jolly!

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