“Just because we live in a democracy doesn’t mean we should feel paralysed.” – Mukesh Ambani

There is a “complete absence of decision-making among leaders in Government.” – Azim Premji

“They could have done a much better job in dealing with the demands of the civil society.” – Narayana Murthy

“Nothing will be done in a hurry to avoid trouble in the region.” – PM Manmohan Singh on Telangana

So to the current government:

1. Telangana is not an issue they need to take a decision on.

2. The world-wide economic recession is not an environment in which to take action and encourage growth.

3. The blockade in Manipur is none of their business.

4. Anna Hazare is in turns an agent of the RSS, of a “foreign hand”, a dangerously destabilising force, a naive old fool – but never a man who’s come up with a serious issue that a sizeable section of India supports vociferously and enthusiastically, never a leader, and certainly never a man whose demands need to be acceded to, even when he brings the country to a halt.

India’s current government is refusing to take decisions on fiscal policy, on inflation, on burning domestic issues, on foreign policy. I can only imagine that it’s because Sonia Gandhi is unwell and unable to take charge of the Congress Party. Or maybe they feel that since the world will end in 2012 anyway, it doesn’t really matter what nothing they do. Honestly, UPA I wasn’t this bad.

In any case, I really wish this government would make up its mind and do something. At this stage, I’m starting to wonder if there is at all a government ruling this country. If it wasn’t for the taxation and interest rate hikes, in fact, I’d think they’d taken my previous post (on the benefits of a rational anarchy) very seriously, and decided to back off!

But as long as we have a government administration, I’d love to see them govern and administer. Sadly, with this one, I just can’t.

I cannot wait for 2012 general elections.

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