In Emoriam

Warning: This post may not make sense unless you’ve watched A Veiled Affair, Stella Maris College Play 2011.

This time last year, I had just got home after our last show of¬†Winding Up the Charm, Stella Maris College Play ’10. I still had another year in college and at least one more play, and I was relishing the high.

Now, I’ve spent the last twelve hours sitting on my bed looking nostalgically at the thousands of photos we’ve taken over the last few months, liking way too many Facebook comments and photos and statuses, moping around on my bed, and generally making a melancholic nuisance of myself.

I’m basically acting like someone died. While essentially true, this is rather insulting to¬†A Veiled Affair, this year’s play, whose last of five packed-house shows was at 7pm last night.

Those five amazing shows need honouring. As a culmination of MONTHS of hard work and planning and worrying, it was more than satisfactory. MUCH more. And am I satisfied?

Ptooie. Of course not.

Because, you see,¬†it’s over. All those hours of writing/acting/directing/producing/running around, all that energy! All that’s left are the memories and the lines, running through our minds – words that we all know and love, the words that¬†AVeilA reminds us of, whether “I like TEA!” (Hans, of course) or “Catastrophes, above and below!” (Dhiya, every rehearsal :P ) or “Go see all the money” (Nicy, Anu, Anna, Dhiya, me!).

Still, we can pull together and do anything. Including push past this horrendous vacuum.

Good-bye,¬†AVeilA. You are sorely missed. But I’m sure that something¬†else will eventually come up that is more important than the groom, or even (unlikely as it seems) the play.

Until then… What. Am. I. Going. To DO?!

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4 Responses to In Emoriam

  1. D says:

    You will continue to be awesome and spend time with super cool family and finish the book.

    Me, I shall countdown. 50 days to go.

  2. D says:

    Also, I lowe you :)

  3. Priya K says:

    Awww, shucks :) :)

  4. Nicy Paulson says:

    i love u too guys :D

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