Stellar playing

This academic year’s college play will be in February. Consider this an open invitation to anyone who may be reading this.

To us (speaking for the Stellar Players), Stella Play 2011 is more than just a random performance. It’s special, because we’re part of it. And if you can join us celebrate our students’ awesomeness, we would be deeply grateful.

We offer you a well-written script that will leave you laughing yet touched. Our actors will be ready and waiting. (After auditions on Monday, we have a brilliant cast list! That was an impressive batch of first-years.) Our production will, in all respects, be professional. This we promise you. We will not force you to buy tickets. (We may play on sentiments and remind you of the glory of Stella Maris College and how close we are as friends, but we won’t actually steal the money out of your purse and exchange it for a ticket. [Leaving the purse lying around a Player around ticket-sales time will, of course, be considered direct provocation]).

And to me, it’s even more special. For one thing, I’m lucky enough to be President of the Stellar Players, which means that, along with a few other people, I am one of the key deciding forces in the production. I’m part of one of the most talented script teams I could possibly find. Seriously, they’re brilliant.

AND I’m coming into this on the back of having written a book and seeing it published. (I mean, how cool is that?) The general feeling of giddy joy that that generated has not died out yet. A week and a half ago, I was launched formally at Oxford Bookstore, Chennai. Things are still bright and bouncy within me. And now, College Play will be the next brilliant place for me to tell the world Hello, I exist – except this time, it’ll be a team effort.

I can’t wait.

Looking forward to seeing you all on the 4th, 5th and 6th of February, at Alliance Francaise of Madras!

RSVP here! :)

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