Black crows, loud bells, strict rules;
a dark garden to which buds come to blossom.

Crammed and full, the hot swift days pass by, unnoticed.
In them is a glimmer of light. A vision of what will be.

A hard world filled with rocks and troubles, and in it a pool of peace.
Something to aspire to. Excellence is attainable.

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4 Responses to Perspective

  1. D says:

    Love the way the words are placed.

    Also, how do I subscribe to your blog?

  2. Priya K says:

    Thanks! Subscribe button is in the top right corner :)

  3. Soumya Dinesh says:

    Hi Priya, I think this is really nice. I’ve gone back and read it over and over again. I like it and I think you are definitely ahead of your time. All the very best again. Soumya

  4. Priya K says:

    Thank you!! :)

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