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Stellar playing

This academic year’s college play will be in February. Consider this an open invitation to anyone who may be reading this. To us (speaking for the Stellar Players), Stella Play 2011 is more than just a random performance. It’s special, … Continue reading

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It’s hard to explain how it feels to be a published author, and impossible to tell how it feels to stand before a group (of whom at least some were total strangers) and say, this is my work. Now it’s … Continue reading

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Black crows, loud bells, strict rules; a dark garden to which buds come to blossom. Crammed and full, the hot swift days pass by, unnoticed. In them is a glimmer of light. A vision of what will be. A hard … Continue reading

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How Theatre changed my life

I’m not sure if I’ve been using this phrase too often – you know, that something’s changed my life. Deciding to be an author changed my life.Β Taking Literature changed my life. The friends I found there? Oh, yes, they most … Continue reading

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