College and me :)

Every writer, I’m told, has a “Muse”, something without which their writing wouldn’t exist. For me, I think, that thing has been college.

Hard to fathom, sometimes, that the only place where structures and rules and organisation still rule my life could help my creativity! Weird, even.

Of course, there wasn’t much choice. The fact remains that, in India, a middle-class city girl with decent marks doesn’t have “no higher education, thanks” as an option; and I doubt that even the idea of three solid years of nothing but sleep and books would really have been that tempting. So that essentially left the “conventional” option – Engineering – and the unconventional.

Would Engineering have been as bad for me as I think it would, I sometimes wonder. All my friends seem fine in their colleges. Why am I any different?

Oh, yes. I like to write.

When I was in school, I was a loner and silent as the sky. There are class-mates of mine from school who’ve never spoken to me through fourteen years there and who’re now in college with me – they quite literally don’t recognise me as the same person! And that’s because I can write.

In school, that didn’t matter much. Yes, that was why my English teachers liked me and all that, but it didn’t define my existence. It does now. I’m in Literature, writing papers on various topics. I script plays. I blog, irregularly or otherwise. I’m an author.

Yes, I think I can fairly say that writing and my surroundings combined have, quite noticeably, changed my life for the better.

And that wouldn’t have, couldn’t have happened if I hadn’t joined Literature. The advantage of having joined Stella – a place where the lecturers allow free thinking – notwithstanding, Literature was still so much the best choice. It amazes me that the youngling I was could come up with it!

All in all, if you’re reading this because you were looking for opinions on doing something off the beaten track – such as Literature – I can tell you this: It was the right choice for me. It really, really, really was.

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