the poet Rubesh

of Atlantis.

An excerpt from

Sa Mayth l’Atalantees

(trans: The Death of Atlantis)

The land is dead and gone, Lady.
It’s as though it never lived.
It’s dead and gone, Lady.
And now you must forgive.

Life moves on, Lady.
And so too must you;
Forgive yourself, dear Lady,
For there was naught that you could do.

Indeed I know that, Sir,
I do, believe me true;
I would not seek to hate me, Sir,
But to love Atlantis, too.

But one thing I shall never hear,
From you or yet another.
Atlantis lived, and died, it’s clear,
But it died in honour.

Nor you, nor yet a friend, my Lord,
Shall say my home’s forgot;
If you’ll deny your roots, my Lord,
There are others who will not.

There are others too that die, Sir,
You too will one day pass –
But let none say you never were,
You never shared a laugh;

For in that day, most noble Lord,
It will be true, you’ll be lost,
And the years you’d lived on earth, my Lord,
Will be gone, by all forgot.

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2 Responses to Atlantis

  1. Anon says:

    Is that poetry by the author? Or reproduced from some classic?

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